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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The many faces of Bella...

Today, we went to visit Bella!
Bella just hanging out.
Bella giving us a "dirty look" because we are took so many pictures.
Is she trying to talk to us or bite us?
Aw look how innocent she looks now.

Bella's eyes are red because the umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around her neck when she was born, but in this picture you can see her sneaky grin! Bella has her own little personality. We have learned that she does not like the bottom of her feet tickled, she loves to eat, she hates to have her diaper changed (it could be the cold wipes), she loves to cuddle, she already has her Mommy and Daddy wrapped around her finger, when her Dad talks to her his voice changes, etc.. These are only a few of the many faces of Bella, she is very sweet!

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Stephanie said...

Awwwh... I want another tiny one.... Congrats!