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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 hurts!

Tonight the boys were playing and Zachary ran over Dimitri's hand with the closet door. Dimitri is a pretty tough kid but you would have thought that Dimitri needed stitches by the way he was crying and saying "Owieee it hurts".

This is the a picture of his injury.

Now, we are sure that it hurts because it is on a bendy part of his finger and it always seems like the smallest cuts tend to hurt the worse, but he was fine once Matri put a band aid on. I mean not one complaint after Matri's TLC...must be why he loves and adores her the way he does.

All better and showing us how tough he really is.

Zachary and I decide to distract Dimitri by putting on a flying show!
First, I am not as young as I use to be and spinning made me sick to my stomach.
Second, just looking at that picture makes me nauseous all over again.
Third, must find friends for boys to go on spinning rides at Lagoon.
Fourth, Zachary LOVED it and laughed the entire time.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A celebration...

One year ago today Zachary was baptized at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral by Father Matthew. I was baptized in the same church decades ago and Dimitri was baptized in 2006.

Zachary was submersed in water while Father Matthew said prayers.

From there he was handed to his Nuna (his Godmother
and also his Great Yiayia).
Father Matthew cuts a piece of hair, it would be Zachary's
first sacrifice of his body to God.

Zachary was then placed in his baptismal clothes and we walked around the font three times. This is an "act of rejoicing with the angles in heaven at the return of a lost sheep, with the other Christians present at the addition of one more member to the flock of Christ".
Zachary received Communion for the first time and a blessed gold cross was placed around his neck. From there, he was placed into his Mommy's arms to begin the celebration.
This is a picture of Zachary and his "Nuna" at the luncheon at our house that followed the ceremony. There are a lot of details to a baptism, these where just a few.
We thank God each and every day for our blessings!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some "Bunny" is knocking...

Tonight a "bunny" helper delivered something special for the boys. Papou Yanni had Uncle J.C. deliver Easter baskets to the boys. Both boys were very excited and enjoyed playing with all the toys!

Both boys curious to see what was in their baskets.
Zachary was so excited!

Dimitri loved his basket.
Needless to say it was very sweet and unexpected.
Thank you Papou Yanni for the Easter baskets!

Peas & Carrots...

Okay, so we love the movie Forrest Gump and today Dimitri had a "Forrest" moment. Cicily and I were in the in the other room and Dimitri was watching cartoons and when we looked in on him his little head was slightly to the left-ADORABLE!

Friday, March 27, 2009

NCAA basketball coverage...Warning label needed?

Thanks to the NCAA coverage on television our boys have gotten into basketball. Now, we are not big basketball fans in this house but we think that the boys are doing everything they can to change our minds. I walked into Dimitri's room and this is what I found.

Are you kidding me? I have so many questions. How did you get it on the bed? Do you know this could be dangerous? And finally, what are you doing? The last question was the only one that I got answered, "bounce, jump and basket". I have to go under the assumption that he has trying to "slam dunk" like he has seen on TV. Oh great, now after almost three years I see why they have parental controls but who would have thought a college basketball game would be a problem. It was funny to watch Zachary excuse himself once I began to ask questions.

Since the boys are now "partners in crime"- I mean playing with each other more often it is great to see the unspoken bond they share with one another. Brotherly love, this picture was taken the day before the slam dunk contest in Dimitri's room.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cupcake heaven...

On Sunday, we went to Grandmas' house for dinner to
celebrate March birthdays.

My wonderful Mommy moment!

Dimitri enjoying his cupcake.

Now, let's talk honestly here. I believe the study that says what you eat in the womb affects what your child may prefer. Dimitri loves meat, spicy food and doesn't really care for sweets. Zachary loves pizza, bread and sweets.

Zachary enjoying his cupcake.

Love this picture!

Pay attention folks, this is how you eat a cupcake.

Thank you Grandma Terry and Grandma Patty for a wonderful evening!
We love you!

OCD or Organized?

Last Saturday,we had a girls night out and went to dinner with Rena while the boys had a slumber party at the Sharp house. As parents it is hard to come home to an empty house even though it is a much needed break. The next morning I went into Dimitri's room to open the blinds and this is what I found.

On our way out the door we had to grab his jacket because the weather had changed and behind his door he had eight bouncy balls lined up in a PERFECT line. It made us both laugh because it is 100% Dimitri's personality. OCD? No, we like to think that he is organized!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cake & Candy Land...

Yesterday, my sister and her family came over to my house for dinner and cake. All day long Dimitri could not wait for his cousin Austin to arrive. We kept telling him that he would be here at four o'clock and so all day he would walk around the house saying, "Austin...four o'clock" and hold up four was adorable. Dimitri was already outside playing when they arrived and cousin Austin wasted no time in getting on the swings and playing with Dimitri!

Cousin Austin and Dimitri (it is hard to believe there is a 12 year difference between them).

The boys helping me blow out my candles.

Zachary, Brandon, Austin, Dimitri and Aunt Angela playing Candy Land.

Dimitri counting his next move.

It must have been an intense game because Aunt Angela and Dimitri decide to go lay down and take a little rest and read a book! Did someone say "cuddle time"? I kept my promise and had a BIG piece of the cake that Cicily and the boys made for my birthday! They all did a GREAT job on my cake! If you know the chaos that was going on in my life the last week, you already know what I wished for. Thanks again, to the Sharp family for coming over for dinner and for the thoughtful gift! I had a FANTASTIC birthday!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me...

There are so many great things about today being my birthday! This morning Dimitri came to my side of the bed and yelled "Happy Birthday Mommy" and a few minutes later my birthday cards were delivered while I was in bed (I can't explain how my heart melts when I see their scribbles, I mean penmanship). All day long I have been spoiled by my little family (Dimitri singing Happy Birthday and Zachary singing "baabaa baabaa" has been a favorite). We also had two of my favorite foods for dinner which was steak and sushi from my favorite restaurant (Tepanyaki).

Spicy Philadelphia rolls and a spicy tuna roll!

Dimitri learning to use chopsticks!


Since we are having family over for dinner tomorrow, Cicily and the boys made me the most beautiful cake and the best part was watching them decorate it. The letters may be crooked and some facing the wrong way but I could not ask for a more spectacular cake. I do not really like sweets but watching the hard work they put in makes me want a big piece tomorrow night!

Cake decorating 101.

The perfect taste tester...look at the chocolate on his face!

Dimitri is hard at work!

Time to add the sprinkles.

First and foremost I want to say thank you for the PERFECT cake.
In closing, I know that today is the day that we celebrate my life but I want to thank my family because each and every day they provide me with the life that I have always wanted and needed!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Houdini plot foiled...

Dimitri has always had two nicknames depending on his actions. The first is Maverick (Top Gun) because he can be DANGEROUS! The second is Houdini (escapologist) and he has had this nickname since a few days after birth because he would escape his mittens, blankets, caps etc... Today, reassured me that Houdini is right on the money. As I posted yesterday Dimitri has found a new sense of freedom and today he thought he would try and escape one more time.
I went to the kitchen because I heard our dog howling and Dimitri was telling her to be quiet and this is what I see!

That's right, Mr. Dimitri-Houdini thought it would be fun to go outside in the buff and play on the swing set again. I must admit I am very happy that our son listens to us because yesterday I told him that he could NOT go outside without his slippers or his shoes on. Apparently, next time I will need to be more specific because that is the ONLY item of clothing he chose to wear. After much negotiation, I WON and he got to watch Diego on TV if he got dressed!
Whew!! What in the world would the neighbors say?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To swing or not to swing...

Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous! I thought I would get outside before the rain and/or snow picked back up and clean the backyard. You know the saying, March comes in like a lion out like a lamb! Well, I thought that since I was out there I would put all the swings back on the swing set since the weather is getting nice. I am now contemplating if I made the right decision. Dimitri is big enough to open our sliding glass door and go outside as he pleases. This morning Cicily put the extra lock on (which Dimitri cannot reach) but I took it off to give the dogs food and water. I forgot to put the lock back on the door and when I looked outside I saw this.


As you can see Dimitri is still in his pajamas. He did not put a jacket on and his slippers are next to the swing set instead of on his feet, I guess he wasn't getting enough traction with them on.

That's OUR boy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A mouthful...

Dimitri is a good boy! Every night he brushes his teeth and every other night he flosses! This is a great routine for him because now he has ALL twenty of his baby teeth!
Mommy has several cavities and Matri has NONE!
We are hoping that Dimitri is more like his Matri in this catagory!

Thank goodness no more painful teething for this little guy!

David Beckham protege?

Last night, Zachary learned how to kick the ball and also learned how to dribble the ball from Dimitri! Zachary was so proud of himself! While he was running after the ball to kick it again he would clap his hands in excitement!

Waiting for his next competitor, Mommy is up next!
Game over Zachary WINS!