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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Wahoo...Family Fun Night!

Dimitri and Grizzbee.

Zachary gives Grizzbee a hug before the show.

Our little family.

Sesame Street presents "When Elmo Grows Up".

As soon as the characters of Sesame Street started
to sing Zachary was mesmerized.

The train scene was a family favorite especially since Dimitri just had his Christmas program for school. During this part of the program Dimitri sang, "Choo Choo...the BIG train is coming down the track" while moving his arms like he did in his Christmas program.

Zachary LOVES Elmo's World and he was so excited.

Look at that face! Throughout the program both of the boys
would yell hello to the cast. Zachary would yell, "Hi Elmo, Hi Bird Bird
or Hi Cookie Monster". Dimitri made us laugh because while coming back from the bathroom he yelled from the middle of the steps,
"Hi Big Bird, it's me Dimitri".

Dimitri's "OCD" moment. Note: If you eat popcorn from
the bag you won't get your hands dirty.

Our family had a fantastic evening and the boys were star struck!
Thank you Sesame Street for an unforgettable night!

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