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Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas program...

Today, Dimitri had his Christmas program for school.

Grandma Mel and Dimitri.

Yay! The preschool classes.
So cute!
Our little drummer boy!
This is a picture of Dimitri's class!
Dimitri had the important job of being the caboose.
Our little performer!

Dimitri with his teacher Mrs. Dean.

After his performance Dimitri went to see Yiayia,
Aunt Angela, Uncle Jared and Baby Bella.
This was Dimitri's first time meeting Baby Bella
because he is getting over a cough.

Bella got a candy cane.
Mrs. Chester gave Dimitri a candy cane for doing a great job. We would like to thank everyone who came to Dimitri's Christmas performance!
We would like to thank Aunt Ashley for watching Zachary for us today. Riley and Zachary got a special play date while Dimitri was performing! This is a picture of Riley! We still can't believe he is walking! Go Riley!
Aunt Ashley and Uncle Steve gave the boys their
Christmas presents early.

Thank you for the wonderful play date and for the great gifts!
We love you!

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