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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Visiting the dentist...

The boys went to a new dentist today.
Dimitri playing in the tree house.
Zachary was such a good boy while getting his x-rays.
Waiting patiently for his cleaning.
Dimitri getting his x-rays.
Zachary getting his teeth brushed. The hygienist was funny because she kept calling Zachary a lizard because he kept sticking out his tongue.
Time to rinse.
Dimitri waiting anxiously for his turn (look how stiff he looks).
Dimitri's turn to get his teeth clean.
We are happy to report that neither one of the boys have cavities.

Puppet masters...

Our boys have discovered shadow puppets.

Dimitri loves to make shadow dogs with his hands and in this picture he was waving goodnight to his shadow.
We take turns reading in each of the boys' rooms and every night that we are in Dimitri's room to read Zachary gets to play with his shadow. It is so cute to watch the excitement on their faces when they make a new animal.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Painting 101...

We went to the Hart's home for a painting play date.
Our boys delivered a belated Valentine to Kira.
A Mrs. Fields cookie cake that said, "Happy Valentine's Day". The boys adore her. It is funny, because we call it a bizarre love triangle. Dimitri loves Kira, Kira adores Zachary and Zachary loves Kira too! Whew... someone is going to end up heart broken in this situation.

Zachary gets started! This is the first time that Zachary has ever used a paint brush to paint.
Dimitri and Kira are simply adorable.

Kira is so cute and a good sport. Zachary accidentally hit her in the face twice because he kept picking up a toy that should be rolled on the floor and then at lunch he accidentally spilled his drink all over her. Poor kid, he was probably trying to impress her which went terribly wrong.
Zachary did an amazing job painting and the second picture he made he titled it the "alligator". We will post pictures as soon as the paint dries.
Thank you to the Hart Family for having us over for lunch and a memorable play date. We all had a fantastic time and can't wait to get together again soon!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Delivering Valentine's...

Papou Yanni came over to deliver Valentine's.
Papou Yanni showing Zachary how his bear works.
Papou Yanni and Dimitri discuss how to get the candy out of the box.
Papou Yanni and Baby Bella.

Cousin Austin taught Dimitri this wonderful trick. Dimitri was so cute as he tried to go fast enough to make himself dizzy. Boys will be boys!
Thank you Papou Yanni for the Valentine bears and candy!

Valentine's Day...

Happy Valentine's Day!
It has been 9 years since our beloved Papou passed away. To honor Papou, Cicily had a cookie cake made since he loved sweets.
Of course the cookie cake had to come from the best cookie company aka Mrs. Fields Cookies. Since Papou passed away our family gets together and goes bowling on Valentine's Day to celebrate his life and the legacy he left behind.
Zachary and Dimitri open their Valentine's from the Sharp's.
Dimitri now places his fingers in the bowling ball!

Our little man.
Look at the excitement on his face.
Our big boy!
Our sweet boys!
Mommy and Zachary make a great team.
My two boys that made me believe in love at first sight.

Dimitri and Zachary did a great job!
Baby Bella!
After bowling we went to the arcade.

Yiayia and Zachary.
Dimitri and Yiayia.

Love...pure love!
"The love of a family is life's greatest blessing".

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Treats...

The boys and I have been preparing for Valentine's day.
Zachary helped me wrap our gift.
Note: Zachary chose the wrapping paper.
Our handsome boy!
Our silly boy!
If you ask Zachary what the monkey does he will beat on his chest and yell "OOO OOO".
The boys making chocolate covered strawberries.
Making sure each strawberry has enough chocolate.
Zachary was fascinated.
Zachary sampled some of the strawberries and put them down thinking that no one would notice, but the chocolate around his mouth was a dead give away.
Dimitri was cautious while dipping the strawberries, remember he does not like to get dirty.
To make this activity more fun for the boys, I had plates of sprinkles for them to dip the strawberries in.

The boys worked so hard and did an amazing job.
Mommy/Matri is going to LOVE them.

Full disclosure notice: While I was melting the chocolate, I burnt it. My beloved came to my rescue and melted some chocolate chips to save the day. One more reason why we love her.


Dimitri and Zachary were excited today to find out they received mail.

Grandma Mel sent the boys Valentines.

Zachary found the pictures Grandma sent.

So cute!

Thank you Grandma Mel.