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Friday, July 31, 2009

Our precious little boy....

This morning our boys went out to play in the backyard. After I finshed doing to morning dishes, I went to check on them and this is what I saw. Zachary had removed all of his clothing including his diaper. Zachary loves to take his clothes off and/or he loves to be naked. Either way it makes us laugh. Instantly, I had to grab the camera.
Dimitri's face was priceless and Zachary, as you can see, thought nothing as he was climbing the slide bare naked.
Caught in the act!
This is Zachary giving me a long explaination as to why he decided to get naked and run around the backyard like it was a nudist camp. At least he is not shy! Let's just hope, Zachary outgrows this stage before he starts school.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our new family pet...

This morning Dimitri came in with the BIGGEST smile on his face. I couldn't figure out why he was so happy until he said, "Mommy, look what I found" as he started to giggle then said, "Mommy, tickle". I had to investigate, he opened his little hand and inside was a potato bug. Dimitri was so excited!
"Mommy, look"
Dimitri played with the potato bug for at least fifteen minutes or so. He would tell me it had a lot of legs and how cute he thought it was. Now, I titled this posting our new family pet for a reason. I told Dimitri to go put the potato bug outside in a safe place so he doesn't get hurt. Dimitri walked outside and I thought nothing of it. A few minutes later I asked Dimitri where he put the bug and he looked at me and said, the kitchen floor. Hmmm...I have not seen the potato bug since I asked Dimitri to take him outside. We now have a new family pet and Dimitri is thrilled!

Yay for Zachary...

On July 27, 2009, Zachary turned twenty-one months. It is hard to believe that in a few short months our little guy will be turning two years old. Zachary has been sleeping in a toddler bed since he was eighteen months old and has never gotten out of bed in the middle in of the night. Mommy has been searching high and low for the perfect theme for his room and finally found the bedding. In honor of turning twenty-one months, Zachary was moved from his toddler bed to a queen size bed. We still need to paint the walls, hang pictures, etc... but he now has his big boy bed. This picture was taken at nap time!
Congratulations little guy!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bouncing back...

Today, our family used our bounce back passes
and headed back to Lagoon.

Here comes the train!

Dimitri riding the train.

Dimitri and Tiffany riding the Tidal Wave.

Look, no fear on the Tidal Wave...arms are up in the air!

Uncle Jared and Aunt Angela.

Matri, Dimitri and Tiffany ride the Lady Bug Drop.

Today was a BIG day for Dimitri. While at Lagoon, Dimitri decided that he was old enough to use the bathroom stall by himself instead of sharing one with Mommy or Matri. That's right, our little boy went into his own stall, locked the door for privacy and used the potty all by himself. Now, we know that he is getting bigger, but honestly who would think a 3 year old would require privacy. We have to be honest, it made us a little sad to think he is growing up so fast because he is our little boy.
**Dimitri, please be patient with us little man, it may be
hard for us to let go sometimes. We love you!**

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The day we have been waiting for...

Yesterday, Zachary got his stitches out!
Zachary playing at the doctor's office.
This is a picture of Zachary getting his stitches out. We thought for sure they were going to restrain him again, but he sat in his Mommy's lap. Our brave little boy did not not move at all. At last, the stitches are GONE and hopefully that was the last time Zachary
will have them (wishful thinking we know).

Birthday party duo...

Conner turns 4!

A picture of the birthday boy opening presents!

We also celebrated Jake's birthday!

Dimitri in his party hat. Yee haw~
Zachary making friends with the horses.
Our little cowboy!
Dimitri loved riding on the four wheeler.

Here comes a fire man...

make that two firemen.
The cowboy pinata.

Dimitri takes a swing!

On our way down the mountain we spotted a deer.
We hope that Conner had a fantastic birthday!

Kenny Chesney concert...

Thursday, July 23, 2009, we saw Kenny Chesney in concert.

Our tickets...

A picture of the tour bus as we passed by.

Here is the picture of the concert. The sound was not great at Rio Tinto Stadium, but Kenny Chesney put on an AMAZING concert! It was nice to sit back, enjoy a beer under the stars and listen to great music knowing that the kids were spending the night with Aunt Angela. It was a perfect date night!

Finger painting & scissors...

The other day the boys experienced finger painting for the first time.

The boys get ready.

Our little artists are hard at work.
Zachary loved every minute!

The same day we let Dimitri use scissors for the first time. Practice makes perfect. Lets just hope we always remember to hide the scissors, that way no one gets an unexpected hair cut!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

He scores...

Last night, Dimitri had a soccer game. It was the fourth quarter, the game was tied and Dimitri SCORED his first goal of the season! Guess what? Our team won the game because of his goal! Mommy and Matri were stunned! We don't think Dimitri even realized what he had done but he was excited his team mates were giving him high five.
Dimitri posing for his trading cards.
This is a picture of Dimitri and his soccer team!
Way to go Dimitri, we are proud of you!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Raging Waters 2009...

Today, we took Dimitri to Raging Waters.
Dimitri coming down Shot Gun (look how big the slide is).

Can you believe our little guy is only 3 and did this slide?
Big splash!
Dimitri and Uncle Jared playing.

Dimitri was so excited.

Here comes Uncle Jared and Dimitri.

What a wild ride!
Here comes Dimitri!

Our sweet boy!
We had a great time at the water park today. It was fun to watch Dimitri be adventurous! He has such a free spirit and appears to have no fear. We can't wait until next year for Zachary to join us at Raging Waters!

Thank you to my family for a wonderful day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fight Club...

Two little monkeys run around the house,
chasing one another like cat and mouse.
One got pushed and hurt as he fell,
while we were out and the drive home was hell.
Ran in the door to find blood all over,
hugged the little guy and told him he seriously
needed a good luck clover.
Off to receive emergency care,
Mommy and Mada's heart racing because of the scare.
Numbing medicine and stitches too,
our poor little guy, isn't even two!
Zachary's nicknames are Hercules and Stitch,
I guess in this situation both of these names fit.
Zachary is strong, a champion too,
just remember WE LOVE YOU!
On our way to the doctor...
Zachary getting stitches (this was heartbreaking to watch).
All done...

Yesterday, we were out shopping and we received an emergency phone call from Yiayia saying that Zachary fell and his head was bleeding. There was nothing worse then getting that phone call saying that your child is hurt and not being able to get home fast enough (thank goodness we were only 10 blocks away). We ran into the house where Zachary was crying and blood was all over the house...very scary! We learned that Dimitri was chasing him around the house and pushed him right into the entertainment center. Zachary just happened to land perfectly on the corner that it punctured his forehead. We took him to the doctor where he received two stitches.

Our poor little guy has always had bad luck when it comes to medical issues. Zachary had severe jaundice, bruising and a broken clavicle when born, acid reflux, he had to wear the helmet, has asthma and now stitches. So to sum it up, he has had a broken bone and stitches and he is not even two.
This is a picture of "Hercules" when we got home.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our soccer star...

Dimitri had his first soccer game on July 14, 2009.

This is Dimitri warming up before his big game....he is #2 by the way.

Dimitri running after the ball.

This is pretty much how the first game went. Dimitri had an emotional melt down on and off the field, because they were not taking turns kicking the ball. This is one of those moments that what you tell your kids tends to back fire at the wrong time. We have always told Dimitri to share his ball and to take turns and now he doesn't understand why the other kids won't just give him the ball. We had to take him home and try to explain that soccer is different, that you have to take the ball away, run and kick. Yep, can't wait to see if he now refuses to share his ball when he is not playing soccer.

GAME 2 was a whole different game. Dimitri and Matri went outside to practice before his game and it appeared to make all the difference. This is a picture of everyone getting ready for the kick off (Dimitri is the one facing the wrong way).

Dimitri playing. Go #2!

Everyone chasing the ball.

Ah, look at that smile! That is what we want to see!

It is very cute to watch Dimitri play. We know that he will get better with each game. It is hard to believe that we are already "soccer moms". Where has the time gone?