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Sunday, April 25, 2010

16 at last...

This weekend we celebrated Brandon turning 16.

It is hard to believe he will be driving soon (note the police officer on the cake).

Bella has her eye on the cake.

Brandon looks so happy to finally be 16.

Do you think he wished for a car?

For now this is the only license Brandon will have until he finishes Driver's Education.

Zachary is getting so big.

Dimitri kept sticking his fingers in the cake to lick the frosting.
We hope Brandon had an amazing birthday!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baseball season...

Dimitri started t-ball this afternoon.

Dimitri and Matri before the big game.

Mommy and Dimitri.

Dimitri's team lines up for practice.
Dimitri is practicing his ground game.

A huge swing.
Dimitri runs to first base.

SAFE at first.

Dimitri rounds the bases and is coming home.

Safe! Dimitri even has time to give Coach Childs a high five!

Dimitri was aggressive today, he did not want the ball to get passed him. As you can see he took one for the team.
Team cheer after the game.
Bella came to cheer Dimitri on.
Dimitri had a BIG cheer section at this game. Dimitri LOVES baseball and we look forward to an amazing season!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's go see the penguins...

On Sunday, we took the boys to see the penguin exhibit at the aquarium.

Zachary meets friends wherever he goes.

The innocence and wonder of a child is amazing.

The jelly fish were a family favorite.

So innocent.

Love this picture!

Too bad the water was too deep that the boys could not touch the manta ray.

We got to pet several sea creatures but the star fish was Dimitri's favorite.

Row...row...row your boat.

Cicily's favorite exhibit.

Zachary was fascinated by the cockroaches.

"Fishy kiss." Zachary is giving the fish a kiss.

Zachary is ready to race.
Dimitri and Zachary take time to visit with a friend.
How do our "penguins" measure up?

The penguins were amazing to watch!
Another spectacular family fun day!

Separation anxiety...

I started a new temporary job on Friday. Zachary has been in preschool/daycare for awhile and it was now Dimitri's turn.

Dimitri is ready for his first day of daycare.

I am thankful Dimitri is adjusting well and I am the ONLY one who is suffering separation anxiety.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun...

After we received our gifts from the Easter Bunny we headed up to the Sharp's house.

The Sharp's gave the boys Toy Story buckets filled with treats.

Zachary adores Baby Bella.

Today Baby Bella was in a playful mood.

The Sharp Family.

Everyone is excited for the Easter Egg Hunt.
Papou Yanni, Uncle J.C., Dimitri and Zachary.
It's time to find the Easter eggs.
Go Zachary go!

Dimitri's on the run!

Dimitri's favorite color is green. You may be asking yourself the importance of this fact. Well... the younger kids got a head start in the Easter Egg hunt and with this head start Dimitri ran all over park ONLY picking up green eggs. Eventually Dimitri gave in and started collecting all the other colors.

Happy Easter 2010!

Easter Morning...

Hip Hip Hooray the Easter Bunny came!

Look what the Easter Bunny brought Zachary.

Both boys love the Cars movie.

Dimitri's face was priceless when he saw the Easter Bunny left a bunch of eggs scattered on the floor.

Time to make the eggs hatch.

The boys spotted their baskets.
The Easter bunny brought Dimitri and Zachary "quiet game" sticks just like Mrs. Dean has in her class.

Chocolate bunnies, bubbles, cars, dragons and candy what more could a kid ask for? Thank you Easter Bunny for all the goodies.