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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kick off to summer...

Today, we decided to kick off summer. We went to a carnival and to the park for a play date.
Zachary gets ready to sail away in his pirate ship.

Dimitri is ready to go.

"Bad to the bone."

Zachary rode the big swings all by himself and nearly gave us a heart attack when he decided he wanted to play with the seat belt. Thank goodness it did not come undone.

Dimitri's exciting exit from the fun house.

Dimitri wanted to go on this ride so bad and we told him that he was not big enough. Well that was a mistake, our creative little boy tried to prove to us he was tall enough by standing on his tippy toes.
In this picture he was trying to convince himself and us that he was big enough.

Remember these? Every adult felt their age after riding this for a few minutes.

Happy and Dizzy.

Daddy and Bella play on the swings.

Bella was so excited for our play date.

Bella and Mommy.

Mommy and Dimitri.

Dimitri feeding the ducks.
Dimitri and Zachary.

Mommy teaches Zachary how to feed the ducks.

It is going to be a GREAT summer!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The mind of a child...

Last night Dimitri was playing army before he fell asleep. Every night we check on the kids after we put them to bed and this is what we saw.
Someone needs to radio for help.

You're out numbered...hands up!

This looks like it is going to be a show down. What an imagination!
Dimitri is very "organized" as you can see. All of his cars are lined up in a row and his army men are completely wrapped around his surf board table. Yes, our little boy is a little "OCD" but we just like to think he is organized. The mind of a child is amazing!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy 32nd Birthday...

Today, Cicily turns 32 years.

Why do the boys look excited?

They finally get to eat the cake they have been waiting for.

The boys place the candles on the cake.

Awwww.... What more could you wish for?

Tonight we had the Cheesecake Factory for dinner to celebrate Cicily's birthday. What is dinner without a little dessert?

Monsters vs. Aliens plates and cake. Who could ask for a better birthday?

Happy Birthday! We love you!

Help me...

I was pretending to "attack" Cicily. Cicily yelled "help me" and the boys came running to attack me. Each them jumped on me, pinched me, pushed me, attacked me, etc...they were very cute in trying to protect their Mommy/Matri. At least we know we have some body guards to protect us.

Our little boy is sick...

For the last few days Zachary has been sick.

Our poor little boy.

We were trying to take Zachary's temperature and he was not very happy, but he loves his Woody tattoo.

It is heartbreaking when your kids are sick and we just want our little guy to get better. Zachary was lucky not to get what Dimitri came down with but now he is fighting his own virus.

Funny faces...

The boys are now learning how to make funny faces.

Zachary's silly face.

Dimitri's silly face! After they make these faces the boys just look at each other and giggle. It is hysterical to watch them entertain themselves.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

2010 Spring T-ball...

Today was Dimitri's last day of Spring T-ball.

Dimitri and a few of his team mates.

Dimitri is up to bat.

Look at that hard hit.

Dimitri is ready to catch the ball.

Look at that concentration.

Dimitri's cheer section.

Austin and Dimitri with his baseball trophy.

Aunt Angela and Uncle Jared help Dimitri celebrate.

Mommy and Dimitri celebrate another great season.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Graduation Day...

This was Dimitri's last week of preschool.

On Tuesday, Dimitri gave Mrs. Dean a thank you gift.

Dimitri wrote his thank you cards.

How do we say thank you? With a Mrs. Fields cookie cake. Yummy!
Dimitri and his diploma.
Mommy and her little graduate.
Matri and Dimitri.
Mrs. Dean gave each of her students a graduation gift. Dimitri loves Toy Story so this was the perfect gift.
Thank you to Learning Dynamics with a special thank you to Dimitri's teacher Mrs. Dean. Congratulations Dimitri for graduating preschool, we are very proud of you. We love you!