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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What happens in Vegas...

Dimitri jumping up and down on the bed with the prizes he won.

Warning: To anyone who wants to take our kids to a carnival type setting, be careful it will cost you a small fortune now that they know how to play games. Consider yourself warned!

Our last day in Vegas, we decided that Dimitri could go "WILD".
Yes, that's right, we got Dimitri a tattoo.

Dimitri chose a shark. Doesn't everyone get crazy in
Las Vegas at least once?

Before we go the boys ride a carousel. Zachary was all smiles. We all had a great time in Las Vegas but we are happy to be home where we will be having the remainder of our family vacation! Let's be honest, Vegas with kids was a whole new world for us!

This is a picture we took on our way home. Sometimes, it is the simple things that are the most amazing to look at. We live in beautiful country!

Day in the life of a tourist...

We started off our day at M&M world.

The family making new friends.

Dimitri was fascinated by the race car and could not understand
why he could not sit in the car.

Then we decided to go to Game Works.
Zachary loved playing skee ball.

Zachary and Mommy.

Dimitri scores big.
Dimitri taking a big gamble.

Mada and Zachary play basketball.
Dimitri holding all the tickets that were won.
It was time to redeem the tickets. We think that Dimitri thought
that this was just another game to play, because he had a blast.

Dimitri and Mommy outside New York, New York.
Then we went to the Lion Habitat.

Zachary explaining to monkey that the lions are sleeping.

Matri teaching Dimitri about the lions.

From there we went back to Circus Circus to the Midway. We
watched circus acts and of course played lots of games.
Dimitri and Matri racing till the finish.
Dimitri and Matri playing to see who wins the baby tiger.
Dimitri won and gave the tiger to Zachary.
Even Zachary got in on the action.
Zachary excited about all the stuffed toys they both won.
We then decided to go to Freemont street where the boys loved the cars parked outside the casinos. Boys love toys!

Viva Las Vegas...

We arrived in Las Vegas and checked into Circus Circus!
Zachary loved our room so much, he broke out in dance! After we settled in, we headed right to the Adventure Dome for a little fun!
Dimitri and Zachary drive a dump truck.
The boys even met a few celebrities.
Our sweet little boy mesmerized by all the rides.
Dimitri "fishing" to win a prize! Dimitri won a puppy stuff animal!
Zachary doing a little bowling!

Dimitri flying an airplane!
Matri and Dimitri ride the flying school bus.
Look how high it went!
Dimitri in the "Frog Hopper" . He looks like he is having a great time. However, the little boy next to him looks like he is going to be sick. I hope Dimitri explained to him that we already had one adventure with a "sick" child and don't need another one!
Our adventurous little boy. Dimitri and Matri rode
so many rides together!
Dimitri LOVED this ride!
Zachary taking charge of the dump truck!

After we got back to the room, Zachary decided he
wanted to take some pictures.

The boys must have had a great time because
they kept giving each other high five!

Our first road trip...

We were on our way to Las Vegas for our first family road trip. We thought of everything or so we thought. We had the portable dvd player, lots of movies, snacks, toys, a cooler full of refreshing beverages, etc... BUT we did not think either one of the kids would get sick in the car.

UGH~ Zachary threw up all over himself while we were driving! It was bad enough he got it all over himself and the carseat, but the smell was the worse part and knowing we still had four hours ahead of us before he could have a bath.
As a precaution, this is how Zachary rode down to Las Vegas. If he was going to puke, he was going to be a little easier to clean up. Next time we take a road trip, we will have to bring a few extra bags just in case it happens again.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A little luau...

Tonight, we went to a little luau at Gardner Village.

Our little stud...

Zachary playing in the bubbles (not sure who the
little girl is, we think he was flirting).

Dimitri teaching us how to pop the bubbles.

Dimitri and mommy make a sun visor.

Dimitri and Zachary give each other a high five.

Our handsome little guy...20 months today!

Matri and Dimitri!

My three favorite people in the ENTIRE world!

Happy Birthday Elli...

Today, we attended Elli's birthday party!

Mmmmm cake!

The birthday girl turns 7!

Dimitri playing a great game (look at that form).

Dimitri and his new friend Josh are eating birthday cake and ice cream.

Zachary and mommy sharing dessert.