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Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween carnival & spook alley...

Our family went to the annual Halloween carnival.

The boys are excited to play carnival games.
Dimitri in the spook alley!

Zachary holding Mommy's hand in the spook alley. Zachary is a knight in shining armor to his Mommy who just had surgery on Wednesday.
After the spook alley we headed off to play carnival games.
And of course winning prizes.
Dimitri throwing the football. Look at that perfect throw.

The boys played countless games and by the end of the night we were ready to go home. The boys won lots of prizes aka candy and trinkets perfect prizes for a Halloween carnival!

Two year check-up & Flu shots...

Zachary had his two year check up.

Zachary is such a big boy, they checked his height on the wall ruler.

And the big boy scale too! Zachary was 34 inches tall
and if we remember correctly he was 32 lbs.

After Zachary's appointment it was time for Flu shots! Dimitri
was acting so tough and appeared to have no fear...

Well...that was until she poked him with the needle. Both boys cried when they got their shots but soon recovered! least we don't have to do that for another year!

At last Pumpkins...

We finally got a chance to decorate our pumpkins.

Mommy and Dimitri work on their pumpkin.

Zachary working on his pirate pumpkin.

Dimitri and the final product.

This picture could be a sceen in the movie Psycho!

Jordynn and her Hanibal pumpkin.
Yahoo! We were able to finish the pumpkins before
Halloween this year!

It's a parade...

Yesterday, Dimitri had a Halloween parade at school.

Dimitri is ready for school. Ahoy Matey!

Dimitri has a handful of treasure!

Dimitri walking in his costume parade!

Dimitri and his teacher Mrs. Dean are ready for Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Guess who's two?

Zachary turned 2 yesterday!
To celebrate Zachary's birthday we went to Chuck E. Cheese.
Chuck E. Cheese and his friends put on a rock
concert for all of us to enjoy!

What's this? A cake for the birthday boy!
Zachary getting ready to blow out his candles.
Mommy and the birthday boy!
Dimitri teaching Jordynn how to drive!
After dinner Chuck E. Cheese came out to
wish Zachary a Happy Birthday.

Dimitri gave him a hug to thank him for making his
brother's birthday special.

Happy 2nd Birthday Zachary!
We love you!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

2009 Fall Family Photos...

We had family photos taken this month.

Our little family.

~Jordynn Alexis~
As many of you know Jordynn came to live
with us on October 9, 2009.

Look at her eyes...simply beautiful!

Mommy and Dimitri acting silly.
Mommy and Zachary.

Matri and Dimitri.

Dimitri was ready for the photo session to end. In all fairness, he did not feel good at all and later that night we had to take him to Kids Care where we found out he had a stomach virus.
Our sweet boy is growing up!

Our big boy! is hard to believe that in a few days, Zachary will be 2!

Party like a rock star...

On Saturday, we held Zachary's 2nd Birthday party at Jungle Jim's.

Our baby is growing up!

Zachary and Kira ride the airplane together.

Dimitri, Zachary and Kira.

Olle is Dimitri's best friend from preschool and the two of them
had so much fun playing games and riding the rides.

Elle, Braxton and Sophie prepare to hold on tight.

Brandon and Austin acting silly.

Aunt Angela and Uncle Jared also played games.

Cicily and Grandma Rena.

Zachary's Madagascar birthday cake.

Zachary was the official taste tester.

Zachary getting ready to blow out his candles.

Yummy cake!

Don't forget the ice cream.

After cake and ice cream it was time to open presents. Zachary
had the biggest smile on his face when he saw his new
remote control truck.

Zachary enlisted Dimitri and Kira to help open presents.

Mommy, Mada and Dimitri got Zachary a train table for his birthday.
As Zachary says, " Choo Choo... All Aboard".

Before Kira left she gave Zachary a birthday hug!
These two are so cute together.

On the way home Zachary was out cold, he was so tired. The funny thing is we put him to bed when we got home and less then 10 minutes after putting him down we heard him playing with all his new toys, apparently he was not as tired as we thought.

We would like to thank EVERYONE who came to his party. We had a wonderful time playing with family and friends.
Happy Birthday Zachary!