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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Dinner...

We had Christmas dinner at the Sharp's house.
The boys opening their presents.
Aunt Angela and Uncle Jared bought the boys a four wheeler. Dimitri
and Zachary nearly ran over Aunt Angela running to the motorcycle.
Watch out ladies!
Yiayia getting ready to open her present.
Zachary getting ready to go.
Dimitri showing us how it's done!

Zachary is holding Bella's hand while Dimitri is holding Bella's head because Matri told him he had to hold her head...not exactly what
she meant but he tried. Cousins...gotta love them!
Baby Bella aka "squirt".
We would like to thank Leta and Rick for all the presents and for always thinking about Dimitri and Zachary. We would also like to thank Aunt Angela and Uncle Jared for the insane motorcycle, train set, rocket, etc..Thank you to the entire Sharp family for a delicious dinner and
a great Christmas.

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Charolette said...

It looks like you all had a great x-mas. You have a very good looking fam and also look very happy love to you all