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Monday, December 28, 2009


For Family Fun Night we went to Hollywood Connection.

Everyone is getting ready to ride the bus.
Zachary was hysterical. He would act like a "tough guy" by sticking his arms up in the air but his elbows remained firm on the cross bar. It was so funny to watch! Zachary was smaller and braver then the boy behind him, if you look he is covering his eyes!
Zachary and Mommy met a new friend.
We all decided to be brave and ride the dragon.

Is Zachary making sure his Mommy is okay?
This is a great picture we got of Dimitri while the coaster was going.
Dimitri's favorite ride was the bumper cars.
Despite Dimitri's age he is an amazing golfer.
Zachary on the other hand will be an amazing hockey player!

Dimitri is getting so BIG!

Our sweet Zachary riding the dragon on the carousal.

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