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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve at Grandma's...

We spent Christmas Eve with Grandma Mel, Dave, Uncle Tony, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mike.
Grandma teaching the boys about lighting a path for Jesus.
Uncle Mike takes the boys sledding for the first time.

Look at the excitement on Zachary's face.

Dimitri playing in Grandma's loft.
Dimitri and Aunt Sarah.
The boys opening one of the gifts from Grandma. It seemed once an hour Grandma Mel gave the boys a present to open. They loved them all!
Zachary playing with his car Aunt Sarah and Uncle Tony gave him.
Dimitri's face was priceless when he saw Uncle Tony and Aunt Sarah got him a motorcycle for Christmas.
Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mike teach Dimitri to rock out.
Sarah, Anthony, Dave and Mike.

Christmas Eve at Grandma's house was perfect. Dinner was fantastic! We were surrounded by family and that was the our favorite part of the holiday. Thank you for a perfect night and for the wonderful gifts. We love you!

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