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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 hurts!

Tonight the boys were playing and Zachary ran over Dimitri's hand with the closet door. Dimitri is a pretty tough kid but you would have thought that Dimitri needed stitches by the way he was crying and saying "Owieee it hurts".

This is the a picture of his injury.

Now, we are sure that it hurts because it is on a bendy part of his finger and it always seems like the smallest cuts tend to hurt the worse, but he was fine once Matri put a band aid on. I mean not one complaint after Matri's TLC...must be why he loves and adores her the way he does.

All better and showing us how tough he really is.

Zachary and I decide to distract Dimitri by putting on a flying show!
First, I am not as young as I use to be and spinning made me sick to my stomach.
Second, just looking at that picture makes me nauseous all over again.
Third, must find friends for boys to go on spinning rides at Lagoon.
Fourth, Zachary LOVED it and laughed the entire time.

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Stephanie said...

In his defense, sometimes the smallest cuts--like paper cuts bug me the most.