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Monday, March 30, 2009

A celebration...

One year ago today Zachary was baptized at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral by Father Matthew. I was baptized in the same church decades ago and Dimitri was baptized in 2006.

Zachary was submersed in water while Father Matthew said prayers.

From there he was handed to his Nuna (his Godmother
and also his Great Yiayia).
Father Matthew cuts a piece of hair, it would be Zachary's
first sacrifice of his body to God.

Zachary was then placed in his baptismal clothes and we walked around the font three times. This is an "act of rejoicing with the angles in heaven at the return of a lost sheep, with the other Christians present at the addition of one more member to the flock of Christ".
Zachary received Communion for the first time and a blessed gold cross was placed around his neck. From there, he was placed into his Mommy's arms to begin the celebration.
This is a picture of Zachary and his "Nuna" at the luncheon at our house that followed the ceremony. There are a lot of details to a baptism, these where just a few.
We thank God each and every day for our blessings!

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