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Monday, March 16, 2009

Cake & Candy Land...

Yesterday, my sister and her family came over to my house for dinner and cake. All day long Dimitri could not wait for his cousin Austin to arrive. We kept telling him that he would be here at four o'clock and so all day he would walk around the house saying, "Austin...four o'clock" and hold up four was adorable. Dimitri was already outside playing when they arrived and cousin Austin wasted no time in getting on the swings and playing with Dimitri!

Cousin Austin and Dimitri (it is hard to believe there is a 12 year difference between them).

The boys helping me blow out my candles.

Zachary, Brandon, Austin, Dimitri and Aunt Angela playing Candy Land.

Dimitri counting his next move.

It must have been an intense game because Aunt Angela and Dimitri decide to go lay down and take a little rest and read a book! Did someone say "cuddle time"? I kept my promise and had a BIG piece of the cake that Cicily and the boys made for my birthday! They all did a GREAT job on my cake! If you know the chaos that was going on in my life the last week, you already know what I wished for. Thanks again, to the Sharp family for coming over for dinner and for the thoughtful gift! I had a FANTASTIC birthday!


Eric*Dana*Colter said...

Happy Birthday, glad you had fun celebrating!!!

Stephanie said...

I miss candy land...