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Friday, March 27, 2009

NCAA basketball coverage...Warning label needed?

Thanks to the NCAA coverage on television our boys have gotten into basketball. Now, we are not big basketball fans in this house but we think that the boys are doing everything they can to change our minds. I walked into Dimitri's room and this is what I found.

Are you kidding me? I have so many questions. How did you get it on the bed? Do you know this could be dangerous? And finally, what are you doing? The last question was the only one that I got answered, "bounce, jump and basket". I have to go under the assumption that he has trying to "slam dunk" like he has seen on TV. Oh great, now after almost three years I see why they have parental controls but who would have thought a college basketball game would be a problem. It was funny to watch Zachary excuse himself once I began to ask questions.

Since the boys are now "partners in crime"- I mean playing with each other more often it is great to see the unspoken bond they share with one another. Brotherly love, this picture was taken the day before the slam dunk contest in Dimitri's room.

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