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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Zachary's 18th Month Check Up

I took this picture right before we left for the doctor's office. I told Dimitri he had to be supportive of Zachary because he was going to the doctor and would be getting a shot.
Yesterday, Zachary had his 18 month check up.

Zachary weighed in at 29.1 lbs (85%) and is 33.86 inches tall (87%).

The baby of our family is getting bigger with each passing day.

The doctor said that Zachary looks great and he is proportioned very well (height to weight).

We are concerned that Zachary may have asthma, so we are currently testing with medication. If the medication helps with his coughing, then we know he has asthma and will need to do further testing to see what may be causing the flare ups. He has been coughing for a few months now and it was time to address it with a doctor. Zachary has a follow up appointment in June. We will keep everyone posted.

The bottom line, Zachary is growing into a little man. Our big boy is strong and continues to thrive everyday!

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