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Friday, May 15, 2009

Love is a Battlefield...

Last night, Zachary ended up at Kids Care because we suspected he was getting sick. The doctor decided to give Zachary an asthma treatment immediately with a nebulizer, because he was working a little bit harder to breathe. The doctor said that because he may have asthma it could make the cough worse and appear stronger.

Now, looking at this machine it looks harmless. Who would have thought that it would have caused so much trouble? Zachary wanted nothing to do with machine and put up a fight. Dare we say, he won! Zachary weighs in at 29 pounds and Cicily and I weigh in at....well anyway, we out weigh him significantly. I was seriously holding Zachary with my arms and legs wrapped around him and he would still get away. Cicily's job was to put and keep the mask on his face. I swear if there was a video camera in the room it would have ended up on TV. Zachary was throwing a fit and ripped the cords out of the machine and off the mask. Dimitri got so scared of the events that were taking place he literally hid in the corner telling us to "stop, please stop". Cicily and I were beat up by the end of the treatment. All we have to say is that Zachary is a very strong boy!

The doctor sent us home with one of these. Since Zachary has to have this treatment every four hours, I have had to give it to him all by myself. I pinned his arms down with my legs and held his head down with one hand and used the inhaler with the other. WHEW!

After giving Zachary his treatment I decided to let him play with it so he could come familiar with the apparatus. The first thing he did was give the the face mask a good bite and then he began warming up.

Do you mean to tell me that all we had to do is let him become "friends" with the medical equipment first and then he would voluntarily take it on his own? Lets see how following treatments go! Sometimes, LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD!
Keep your fingers crossed for us! ALL OF US!

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