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Sunday, May 10, 2009

We're Expecting...

Happy Mother's Day! We are blessed to have these two wonderful boys and it is because of them, we celebrate today. Over the course of the last three years these boys have become every heartbeat we have had and every breath we have taken! When they have fallen, our heart has dropped, when they have cried all we have wanted to do is take the pain away and when they smile at us, our hearts have melted. We love them!
Our sweet little boy Zachary!
Our precious little boy Dimitri!
We are EXPECTING A NEW BABY niece or nephew. Today, my sister Angela and her husband Jared announced that she is having a baby in December. This was unexpected to all of us! As you know my nephew Austin is turning 15 years old in August. Whew! That is a fifteen year difference. Can you believe it?
Again, congratulations to Angela and Jared!


Stephanie said...

You tricksters...i thought...Yay!! ANother baby for Amy and Cicily. NOT. Hope you had a great mothers day!

Eric*Dana*Colter said...

you are little tricksters, i for sure thought you were getting you were trying to get a little girl after all!! :)