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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy 31st Birthday Cicily...

Today, Cicily turns 31!
In honor of her birthday, the boys and I decided to bake her a cake.
Cicily's favorite cake is German Chocolate. Since I do not bake, I told her that it will look nothing like the one on the box but we will do our best!

Dimitri adds the cake mix.

Zachary adds the water.

Zachary samples the frosting.

Dimitri testing the cake batter.

Aahhhh to be a kid again!

This picture is priceless!

The boys decorate the cake and spare no expense. There are balloons, sprinkles and a lot of candles.

The boys putting the final touches on the cake with the candles. Zachary tried to add a Match Box truck to Mommy's cake, but I explained she would probably like more sprinkles instead.

Oh, isn't that pretty? The dark pink and red spots are sprinkles, a balloon is facing the wrong way and the "a" is upside down, but I think that over all, they did a terrific job!

Honey, we hope that all your wishes and dreams come true because no one deserves it more than you! We love you with all our hearts! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


{Rollins Bunch} said...

happy birthday cicily!! Hope your day was SPECTACULAR!!!

Amy...i love all you do with your boys**

Janine said...

The cake is priceless...I'm sure it was as fun to eat as it was to make!

Happy (belated!) Birthday, Cicily!! I hope you had a great day!!