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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is that a leash?

Before we had children we would look at parents of small children and think to ourselves, "are you kidding me?" Now that we have children, we appreciate all the concerns we once questioned. This is a perfect example. We said that we would NEVER put our kids on a leash and I mean NEVER! Is it not considered cruel and unusual punishment? With that being said, today we broke down and bought Zachary a "harness" and no it's not a leash. Zachary does not like to hold hands nor does he like to sit in the stroller for long periods of time. This is why we bought him a "harness". This way he can attend summer activities without us worrying if he will run off or get fussy because he does not want to hold our hand.
Zachary has always loved monkey's, so this works out perfect and the harness seems harmless.
Okay, really it is kind of cute! We are sure we will get those "looks" we use to give others while we are out and about. TRUST US...when you have kids this close together in age you are willing to try anything to make life a little easier. Another life lesson, don't pass judgement on others because one day you may be where they are. Guess we will have to see how it works!

Just remember, it is a harness not a leash!
~Keep your fingers crossed~

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