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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Garden Fair...

Today, we went to the Mother's Day Garden Fair at the Conservation Garden Park. We had never been there before and all of us agreed the grounds were beautiful.
My three favorite people!

Dimitri on the rock climbing wall!

This is what the wall looked like from Dimitri's perspective. Can you imagine being that little and seeing this sight as you look up?

Our "dangerous" little man, BRAVE little man!

After a quick lesson on forest fires, the forest ranger pinned each of the the boys with a Smokey the Bear pin. They thought that was VERY cool!

The boys received balloon swords from a silly clown.

Another GREAT day!

With Mother's Day tomorrow, we are honored to call these boys OURS! It is a privilege to be their parents!
We love you boys!

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