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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yeah baby...

Today Aunt Deb came over to visit Dimitri and Zachary. Aunt Deb was very thoughtful and brought the boys presents for Christmas! Since Aunt Deb will be snuggled in her bed Christmas morning she gave the "go ahead" for the Dimitri and Zachary to open their gifts today.

Dimitri couldn't wait to open his present.

Look at Zachary's face in the background (all he needs is ribbon)!

The boys each got a shirt and a handsome sweater.

Aunt Deb helping Zachary unwrap his Christmas gift.

Aunt Deb and Zachary playing in the ribbon.
Thank you Aunt Deb for coming to play with us and for the SPECTACULAR gifts.
Don't forget Monster Trucks in the next few years.

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