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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Operation Christmas...

Christmas morning at our house started at 5:00 AM. Dimitri is an early riser and we did not want him opening presents without us. Hence, "Operation Christmas" we put a baby gate in front of Dimitri's door so he could not escape without our help, we are pleased to say Operation Christmas was a success!

Dimitri and Zachary playing together.

Zachary and Mommy playing with the stocking stuffer.

Zachary opening presents.

Zachary loves his new bike.

Mommy and Zachary playing the drums.
Dimitri playing with his Army gear.
Dimitri playing the drums.
Dimitri is so happy that Santa Claus remembered the Wonder Pets he asked for. This was a FANTASTIC Christmas morning. The boys are taking a nap and then we are off to the Sharp's house for dinner, but before we go we would like to thank Santa Claus and all of his helpers for the wonderful gifts!

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