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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


About a month ago Dimitri and Zachary mailed their letters to Santa Claus telling him what they wanted for Christmas . Zachary asked for anything to do with cars or Elmo. Dimitri asked for Wonder Pets or anything to do with Wall E.

Dimitri decided that he would be the one to send the letters to Santa.
Dimitri making sure the letters are secure.

While Mommy and Zachary snuggled on a bench a mischievous elf lowered some mistletoe.

Mommy gives Zachary a BIG kiss and thanked the elf.

Fast forward-Dimitri and Zachary received a letter from Santa Claus today.

Dimitri carefully opens his letter from Santa.

Dimitri is thrilled-it must be good news!

Zachary admiring Santa's letterhead.

It's legit, the letters are from Santa.

Zachary is stunned Santa remembers what he wanted.

Both boys seemed very happy to hear from Santa so close to Christmas. Santa even included some holiday stickers for each of the boys.

Thank you Santa! We will remember the milk, cookies and carrots!


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