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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cookie Factory

Today we went to Grandma Mel's house to make sugar cookies!
Everyone had an important role in the "cookie factory".

Uncle Mike, Dimitri & Grandma rolled the dough.

Everyone picked their favorite cookie cutter and began working.

Dimitri had a blast cutting out cookies and playing in the flour.

Not only was Zachary our "supervisor" he was
the "official taste tester".

Dimitri began decorating the cookies.

Sampling the sprinkles...

and then adding the remaining sprinkles from his fingers to the cookies. I bet those of you receiving these cookies wished you would
have read this before digging into these delicious cookies. Right now,
you are asking yourself "did they remove those two cookies or am I eating one?" Is your cookie green or red?

Grandma Mel decided to make and bake an impression of
Dimitri's hand. How cute is that?

The finished product! MMM MMM GOOD!

Thank you Grandma Mel for a WONDERFUL evening at
the "cookie factory". We had so much fun and can't wait
to make cookies again!

1 comment:

Eric*Dana*Colter said...

dimitri and i are too alike :) i would have made sure i was the taste tester too**
looks like fun, happy holidays!!