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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Splish Splash...

We decided to go swimming today.
Zachary coming down the water slide.

What a ride!
This picture of Dimitri turned out amazing.

Here comes Dimitri!

Mommy and Zachary.

Okay, we decided to go to the Lyons Club today since they have a "kiddie area" for the boys. Well, we were there for 15 minutes before all the lifeguards began blowing their whistles and evacuating everyone out of the pool. is just our luck that someone pooped in the pool. Yes, you read that right! they had to clean the pool and it takes up to an hour. We asked for a refund and went to the Cottonwood Heights pool instead considering the boys drink so much pool water..
Zachary going down the frog slide.
Zachary had so much fun!
Dimitri's turn.

We are fortunate the boys love to swim. We all had a great time!

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