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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bumps, Bruises & Blessings...

Yesterday, we had quite the scare. I was upstairs in the kitchen and heard a loud BOOM. Dimitri was running up the stairs as I was running down. I asked him what had happened and he said, "the big table fell down and Zachary was stuck". We have two tables downstairs, one is a small red table in Zachary's room and the other is his train table in the family room. I ran into Zachary's room to hear him screaming and crying, he was laying on his tummy and was trapped because the dresser had fallen on top of him. I felt horrible...threw the dresser into the wall and picked up Zachary. I called Cicily to tell her what had happened and we both agreed that even though he appeared fine we needed to take him to the doctor. Zachary told the doctor that he was jumping, so we assume he got on top of his dresser, jumped off and the dresser landed on top of him. Zachary was fine except for the seven bruises on his back. The doctor also said that the dresser landed high on his back and that he may be a little sore.
THANK YOU GOD for protecting him from harm!

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Kynbugs Delight said...

I bet that was so scary! I cannot even imagine that happening. And how blessed you all are that he is okay. Usually something like this happening ends up with a terrible ending. I am glad God has protected him! More assurance that he is there.