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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our day on the farm...

We took Dimitri to Wheeler Farm to milk a cow (we were going to take both of the boys but ten minutes before we left Zachary was so exhausted he fell asleep on the living room floor and we did not have the heart to wake him so he stayed home with Yiayia).
Dimitri loved climbing on the big rocks.
Mommy and Dimitri feed the ducks and geese.
I made a new friend. This poor swan had a bad wing and
I am a sucker for animals that have special needs.
We had never seen a mama goat give a piggy back ride.
It isn't a day on the farm without a tractor ride.
Matri explains to Dimitri that people use to got potty outside.
It's 5:00 PM, that means it is time to milk the cows. Our cows name was Jessie and just based off of size, she was a little intimidating.
Mommy milking a cow for the first time.
Dimitri was up next. According to Dimitri he was pinching the cow and milk came out.
Matri was up next and was a true pro.
We had a lot of fun on the farm and can't wait for next time when Zachary can join us for cow milking. Got milk?

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