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Sunday, September 20, 2009

State Fair 2009...

Today, we went to the Utah State Fair.
This tractor was HUGE!
Dimitri is sitting in the wheel of the tractor.
Matri and Dimitri are very excited to be at the fair.
The first thing we decided to do is to go see all the animals.
Zachary and Dimitri pet a calf.
Zachary's favorite animals were the goats.
Dimitri and "Big Red" the bull.
This bull was huge, weighing in at 3010 lbs. WOW!
Zachary and "Rocky" the pony, became quick friends. Zachary
loved his pony ride and giggled most of the time. Maybe Zachary
should ask for a pony for his birthday?
Every time we go to a festival we ask Dimitri if he wants to ride a pony and he always tells us no. Today, we were thrilled to hear that Dimitri wanted to ride "Stormy" the biggest pony.
While we were at the fair, the boys decided to spend some
time on the farm.

Shearing the sheep and collecting the wool.
This is "Bessie".

Dimitri is milking Bessie. This was his first time milking
a cow and he did a fantastic job.

Collecting eggs from the chicken coops.
Zachary making sure that he only picked the best eggs.
The boys then had to ride the "tractor" and plow the field.
Zachary had a full load of hay.

After a hard day of working on the farm the boys wanted
to go look at the race cars.
Now, what's a fair without rides.
Dimitri and Zachary rode the spinning dragon, roller coaster, balloons, helicopters, etc... They are true dare devils and love rides. They even had their arms up on the roller coaster.

Another perfect family fun day!

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