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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day at the Zoo...

Today, we went to the Hogle Zoo.
The elephants were a family favorite! The baby elephant was adorable but she did not want to come to the fence so we could get a picture! Suri was very cute!
Dimitri, Zachary and Kira.
Dimitri and Zachary hang out with an old friend.
We rode the Merry-Go-Round.
Zachary and Kira enjoying some apple juice. These two are so cute when they talk to each other. A side note, we rented this double stroller from the zoo thinking it would be nice for the kids to get in and out of. It was IMPOSSIBLE to push, it was heavy and horrible. We thought for sure it was because our boys were too heavy. Well, as were approaching the end of the zoo (after struggling on the hills), Cicily noticed that the stroller had a break and it was on the entire time. UGH...really? Once the break was released the stroller was simple and easy! That's right, who would have thought a rental stroller had a break?! Come on now!
The baby giraffe was so cute!
The train ride was next!
Sight seeing on the train ride.
Zachary coming down the slide.
Zachary still wonders if this is where he came from.
Dimitri being silly!
Mommy and Zachary.
Dimitri wants to be a turtle.

Kira, Zachary and cute!

Thank you Stephanie and Kira for coming to the Zoo and
playing with us. You are always so much fun and we can't
wait until our next play date!

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