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Saturday, September 12, 2009

A marathon...

Running in the Greek Festival has always been a family tradition. Finally, we felt that Dimitri was old enough to carry on this tradition.

Dimitri was excited to show us his new shirt and his race number.
Our proud family.
Cousin Austin is the one who was going to be running with Dimitri.
Uncle Jared, Dimitri and Cousin Austin approach the finish line.
Dimitri crossed the finish line by himself.

Our sweet little boy who is always a good sport!

The medal ceremony was hilarious. The announcers of the winners were very impressed with Dimitri's age and the fact that he crossed the finish line. Not only did Dimitri win a medal for being first in his age division but the announcers gave him a bunch of medals and then made jokes that Michael Phelps had nothing on our little man. The crowd cheered with delight when they lifted his hands in victory. It was adorable to watch because all of us were proud of him and Dimitri was so proud of himself!
Dimitri with all of his medals!
Dimitri's official race card. Can you imagine what a mile must feel like to a 3 year old? We are betting it feels more like a marathon.
This is a picture of what the medals look like up-close.
Dimitri has a big heart and shared his medals! Dimitri gave one to Zachary, one to Uncle Jared and one to Austin since none of them received a medal for running. Dimitri saved the rest for himself! Congratulations Dimitri on completing and winning your first race! OPA!

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OMG! I am so proud of him! Dimitri did awesome! I want to cry, in fact I did cry when I crossed the finish line of the Salt Lake Marathon in '05, it must feel the same for Dimitri. Way to go!!!!