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Saturday, September 26, 2009

A baby is coming...

Today, we hosted a baby shower for my sister Angela
and my brother-in-law Jared.

Here is a picture of the nursery.

Jared loves his new diaper bag.

Jared was thrilled that his daughter will be wearing a
Denver Bronco's outfit. Angela on the other hand is a Raiders
fan and isn't sure she likes it.

Damien was adorable!

As one of the games we had people make babies with Play-Doh! Some made cute "babies", others looked like animals and Dan decided to make a tank instead! It was hysterical to see what some people call "art".

Our kids spent the day with Grandma Rena. Since they did not get to join in the fun, we brought cupcakes home...that's LOVE! Zachary is a pro when it comes to eating cupcakes.

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