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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Special helper of the day...

Guess who was the "Special Helper" of the day in Mrs. Dean's class?
That's right, our Dimitri was thrilled to help out his teacher and was more excited to receive special recognition with an award certificate pinned to his chest.

I took this picture because today was "orange" day at preschool. This means that they wear and/or bring something for "show and tell" that is the color of the day. Dimitri did both, however, he took an orange hot wheel and came home with an orange helicopter that belongs to his friend, Ola. Dimitri is our little negotiator so this comes as no surprise. We will be returning the helicopter first thing on Tuesday.

We received exciting news today! Mrs. Dean conducted evaluations on her students and Dimitri surpassed her expectations. This means that Dimitri will be learning at an accelerated rate compared to some of his peers. Mrs. Dean said, Dimitri is "very smart" and they will be watching him closely to insure he continues to flourish. We are very excited for him and have always known that he is very intelligent.
We are proud of you Dimitri!

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