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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fight Club...

Two little monkeys run around the house,
chasing one another like cat and mouse.
One got pushed and hurt as he fell,
while we were out and the drive home was hell.
Ran in the door to find blood all over,
hugged the little guy and told him he seriously
needed a good luck clover.
Off to receive emergency care,
Mommy and Mada's heart racing because of the scare.
Numbing medicine and stitches too,
our poor little guy, isn't even two!
Zachary's nicknames are Hercules and Stitch,
I guess in this situation both of these names fit.
Zachary is strong, a champion too,
just remember WE LOVE YOU!
On our way to the doctor...
Zachary getting stitches (this was heartbreaking to watch).
All done...

Yesterday, we were out shopping and we received an emergency phone call from Yiayia saying that Zachary fell and his head was bleeding. There was nothing worse then getting that phone call saying that your child is hurt and not being able to get home fast enough (thank goodness we were only 10 blocks away). We ran into the house where Zachary was crying and blood was all over the house...very scary! We learned that Dimitri was chasing him around the house and pushed him right into the entertainment center. Zachary just happened to land perfectly on the corner that it punctured his forehead. We took him to the doctor where he received two stitches.

Our poor little guy has always had bad luck when it comes to medical issues. Zachary had severe jaundice, bruising and a broken clavicle when born, acid reflux, he had to wear the helmet, has asthma and now stitches. So to sum it up, he has had a broken bone and stitches and he is not even two.
This is a picture of "Hercules" when we got home.

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{Rollins Family} said...

at least he had a smile on his face afterwards!!