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Sunday, July 5, 2009

2009 Summer Vacation...

This past week was our summer vacation for 2009. We went to Las Vegas, rode countless rides at different venues, played carnival games, won prizes, got tattoos, stayed up late, watched fireworks, went swimming, bonded and had an unforgettable time. It has been WONDERFUL to have Cicily home with all of us for the last ten days, we were very lucky. Since it was the last day of our family vacation, we decided to go swimming.
Dimitri checking out all the water slides.

Here comes Zachary and Mommy!
Big splash on the water slide!
More water slide FUN!
Zachary loved the water slides but didn't like sun in his eyes.
Dimitri coming down the water slide.

Matri and Dimitri get soaked by the over sized water bucket.
We can't wait until December when take our second "family vacation".

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Eva Gallant said...

looks like a really fun time! great photos!