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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bouncing back...

Today, our family used our bounce back passes
and headed back to Lagoon.

Here comes the train!

Dimitri riding the train.

Dimitri and Tiffany riding the Tidal Wave.

Look, no fear on the Tidal Wave...arms are up in the air!

Uncle Jared and Aunt Angela.

Matri, Dimitri and Tiffany ride the Lady Bug Drop.

Today was a BIG day for Dimitri. While at Lagoon, Dimitri decided that he was old enough to use the bathroom stall by himself instead of sharing one with Mommy or Matri. That's right, our little boy went into his own stall, locked the door for privacy and used the potty all by himself. Now, we know that he is getting bigger, but honestly who would think a 3 year old would require privacy. We have to be honest, it made us a little sad to think he is growing up so fast because he is our little boy.
**Dimitri, please be patient with us little man, it may be
hard for us to let go sometimes. We love you!**

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