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Monday, July 13, 2009

The greatest place in Utah?...

Yesterday, we took Dimitri to Lagoon for the first time
and we all had a blast.

The very first ride Dimitri rode was the Terror ride.

Dimitri and cousin Austin on the roller coaster.

Aunt Angela and Dimitri on the airplanes.

Matri, Dimitri and Austin on the Tidal Wave.

Taking a moment to cool off.

Uncle Jared and Dimitri on the swings.

Mommy and Dimitri go down the water slide.

"Maverick" is at it again.

While we rode "Wicked", Aunt Angela took Dimitri to play games.

Look what he won! AMAZING!

Matri, Dimitri and Austin.

Brandon and Austin acting silly before entering the haunted house
so Dimitri would not be scared.

This is a picture I took inside the Haunted Castle,
it seriously makes us laugh.

The picture before this Dimitri was burying his head in his hands and once we told him to look at something in the haunted house he would have this face (guess it was a nail biting experience).

Love is in the air at Lagoon. This is a little girl who wanted to ride with Dimitri in the car ride. This reminds me of a "Just Married" picture and the happy couple driving away in a convertible. Also, my nephew Austin saw a very attractive young lady operating a ride and went up and gave her his number (again he is 15 in August) and of course he used Dimitri as an ice breaker. NICE...real nice...Dimitri became "girl bait".

Austin, Dimitri, Angela and Cicily ready to go.

This was probably one of Dimitri's favorite rides. He rode countless rides. From the adult rides like Rattlesnake Rapids, Tidal Wave, to the small kiddie rides like Puff the Magic Dragon. Leta even gave Dimitri the tickets she won in the arcade to redeem for fun prizes. We may have to use our bounce back pass in a few weeks. We had a great time with Austin, Brandon, Leta, Angela and Jared. Our first Lagoon experience with Dimitri and we had so much FUN! We can't wait until next year when Zachary will be able to join us in the fun!

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