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Friday, January 30, 2009

Zachary's 15th Month Check Up

This picture is so sweet. The boys were just sitting on the couch watching Elmo (Zachary's favorite) before we left for the doctor's office.

Our handsome boy (don't let the mohawk fool you,
he is the sweetest boy)!

Everyone waiting patiently for Dr. Erickson to arrive.
Look at that team work!

The heartbreaking moment! Zachary had to have four shots today.

It breaks your heart as parents to see your children in any pain, so when we got home Mommy gave Zachary a warm bath. Within hours Zachary was already starting to bruise from all the injection sites-our poor little guy! Zachary weighed in at 27.36 lbs (84%) and 32.09 inches (79%). Zachary is fit, healthy and happy!
We love our little/BIG boy!


MHall said...

That look on Zachary's face is pretty sweet. He does look like a sweety. ohhhhh. Yeah - the shots are no fun. But kids are so reslient. They just move on to the next thing. I remember holding Davey on my lap and then that look of surprise when something sticks them - then the crying. Ohhhh- how could mommy let that happen to her baby. Oh well - here's a toy. YAY.

Stephanie said...

Oh wow..I thought my baby was tubby...but your little one is a tad bit bigger.
I hate shots. I really really HATE it. It's just sad to see the little puffy eyes from crying. So sad. But, what do you do? :)
Your boys are so freaking cute! (Love the hair)