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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Winter Vacation...

Our winter vacation is coming to a close and we decided we would go swimming.

Zachary was a BIG boy on the slide.

We think Zachary is singing in the shower.

Look, how much FUN he is having!

A "fishy" kiss before we go!

Dimitri has always LOVED the water!

Dimitri loved ever minute!

Today, Dimitri put on his life jacket and started "swimming". Dimitri does not know how to swim but he was sure trying. Dimitri would kick his feet and flap his arms! It was great to see him try.

Every time we go swimming Dimitri gets upset because he wants to go down the BIG slide. It is frustrating as parents because we don't want to hold him back but as you approach the stairs there is a big sign stating you have to be 44 inches tall to go down the slide. We know that he is not that tall because the little dinosaur marks the necessary height. What is a parent to do? Yep, that's right we ignored the sign and Dimitri got to go down the slide. Well, it didn't pay to break the rules because when we tried to take Dimitri down the slide for a second time the life guard was there to advise us that he was "too little". BUSTED!

We could not take a picture of the event because we did not want to draw attention to us breaking the rules, but here is a picture of the slide. We are proud of Dimitri aka "Maverick". We love that he is adventurous!

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Eric*Dana*Colter said...

ha ha ha. Way to go Amy and Cicily, you guys ROCK!! i will be doing the same thing!!