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Friday, January 2, 2009

Under the sea...

Today we went to The Living Plant Aquarium for "Family Fun Day".
Mommy and Zachary observing the fish.
Dimitri (our dare devil) had NO FEAR while petting the snake.
The moon jellies were a family favorite!
Zachary loved the star fish.
Dimitri loved watching the fish!
We even got a chance to play with the Southern Stingray.
After, we went to McDonald's for lunch.
Zachary was so cute, he kept playing with this cute little girl (whom he just met) and left her by giving her a hug-we sense a ladies man in the house.

We're so glad the boys love to play with each other.

While waiting for Grandma Mel and Uncle Mike to come over the three of us decided to play PlayStation. BUSTED!
Thank goodness we were all sharing!

Grandma brought the boys a basket full of books and a blanket to snuggle with.
Nothing spells FUN like a peek a boo book with Elmo!
Thank you Grandma Mel for the wonderful gift basket!

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