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Saturday, January 17, 2009

80 Years & Counting

Today we went to the Olive Garden for lunch to celebrate Yiayia's 80th birthday. It is hard to believe that the woman that raised me is turning 80. I would like to share a personal story for just a moment. My Yiayia (grandmother) always plays a game with us when we try to leave. She will touch you, run away and say "I touched you last". This is something that I will always carry with me. I honestly believe that she does not know the impact that she has had on my life and the way she has "touched" my life. I am forever grateful to her and my Papou (grandfather) for their love and support! I was blessed to have them raise me.
MMMM cake!
(Yes, the boys started early with the dent in the cake)
Dimitri helping Yiayia blow out her candle.
Austin & Brandon wait patiently for a piece of cake.
Jared and Angela.

This is a picture of me and our Yiayia.

Happy 80th Birthday Yiayia- WE LOVE YOU!

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