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Sunday, November 16, 2008


We as parents have come to realize that our children are complete OPPOSITES from one another. We thought this early on but as they get older with each passing day it is becoming more evident.



DCV: Easy pregnancy and short labor
ZAC: Hard pregnancy and long labor
DCV: Had to be induced
ZAC: Came three weeks early
DCV: No jaundice or medical concerns when born
ZAC: Broken clavicle, severe jaundice, bruising & breathing concerns
DCV: Mellow baby only cried when hungry
ZAC: Fussy baby (attention, dirty diapers, hungry, etc..)
DCV: Hated to be cover by blankets
ZAC: Loves to snuggle in a warm blanket from the dryer

DCV: Always alert and up early (5:00 AM)
ZAC: Always slept and continues to sleep in (9:00 AM)
DCV: Loves fruit and disliked vegetables
ZAC: Loves vegetables and disliked fruit
DCV: Hardly ever smiles for a picture
ZAC: Loves to smile all the time
DCV: Dark skin
ZAC: White skin
DCV: Average height (50Th percentile)
ZAC: Tall for his age (80Th to 90Th percentile)
DCV: Loves balls and Wonder Pets
ZAC: Loves wheels and Elmo
DCV: Loves water (showers, swimming & the ocean)
ZAC: Loves warm water (bath or a hot tub)
DCV: Doesn't care too much for "sweets"
ZAC: Can't get enough

These are just a few, even though our boys are young, you can tell how much they love each other and look out for one another. They are complete opposites which was been a learning experience for us however, we wouldn't want it any other way! `



Eric*Dana*Colter said...

Zach and Colter have so much in common, they really are so much alike.

i have a similaity of your two boys....they are both stinkin' ADORABLE!!

Jill said...

Your babies always make me smile. It's so fun to see each of you in each of them. I love your blog!!! (oh yeah...and you guys too!)

Janine said...

Oh my GOSH, your boys are SO cute!! I'm always bugging Ash to text me pictures of them whenever she mentions that you guys are coming over...(most recently when she had them on Saturday) she emailed me the link to your blog. So so so cute!!