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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!
The big day that we kept telling our "little monsters" finally arrived! Zachary was our little Zachenstein aka Frankenstein.

Look! He is adorable!

Mommy took Zachary to the door to get goodies!

Zachary making sure that no one takes his candy!

Mommy (a hippie) & Zachary (her little monster).

Zachary enjoying a scrumptious piece of candy.

Dimitri was Dracula!


Dimitri was happy to see what was in his pumpkin pail!

"Dimitricula" stalking his prey in the dark of night....
(Matri fell victim to the leaf tossing).

This is one of my "favorites" of the evening. We would just laugh everytime Dimitri would say "trick or treat". It was great to see how excited Dimitri would get at each house and after each house he would say "another one". Zachary was adorable because after each house we went to he would clap his hands together in pure excitement!

We hope everyone had a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween!

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Eric*Dana*Colter said...

so cute! Dimitri looks like the PERFECT little Dracula with his dark complection and hair.