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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Love, Hope & Change

I am not political-this blog is a journal for my sons… my precious children this is for YOU!

There are moments in your day when you are alone with your thoughts and this morning I had one of those moments. My thoughts drifted off to the speech Obama gave as he spoke of the 106 year old woman who has witnessed the extraordinary CHANGE in America as the years have passed. I hope that I too will witness CHANGE!

Everyday, I watch my children laugh, love and play. Innocent faces as they look into my eyes and trust that I will protect them. Living in America we are blessed to have FREEDOM. My role as a parent is to guide my children the best that I can, you see I now hold their hands but in a short time they will hold my future. Maybe this is why I strive to raise these two EXCEPTIONAL boys into EXCEPTIONAL men.

With this being said, I HOPE to see more CHANGE in my lifetime. I HOPE for a day that my lifestyle will not affect my children. Others will not shun my sons because of who we are as their parents. That if either one of my children want to become President of the United States of America they will be judged by their own merits.

For now, we are many years away but let’s start with LOVE and HOPE we can all make a CHANGE! I am thirty-one years old and have friendships that span over half of my lifetime. Race, religion, politics, sexual orientation, etc… has never been an issue in my relationships and I HOPE for the same when it comes to the future of my children.

Children see color as crayons, adults as those who will guide them, relationships as closeness-together we can make a difference! Let your children play with my children. Don’t persecute my children for who I am or our indifferences. Everyday, we say that we treasure those we hold dear by loving them. Let’s LOVE ALL, no matter who they are, who they worship, political affiliation, race or sexual orientation. I can only hope that I will be just as fortunate to witness this CHANGE!

I am a mom who wants only the BEST for my two boys! I am a mom who many years from now wants to look into the eyes of my children and see the innocent way they look at the world has not be tarnished by the “outside world”.

Let’s not CHANGE each other, let’s just LOVE each other and maybe with a little LOVE my HOPE is that the world will CHANGE!

With all this being said, I PROMISE TO LOVE! DO YOU?

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Gill Family said...

I too have been left alone with my thoughts! I think of your boys every time someone asks me my opinion. I know I will raise my children to know that we are humans first and all humans have feelings and the same rights. I do have hope for the future generation!