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Friday, November 21, 2008

Feeling guilty in flu season

We took both boys into get their flu shots in October. Zachary was a trooper and all of a sudden we looked at Dimitri who gave a peculiar look and then threw up all over himself in the doctor's office. At that moment everything was chaos, nurses running to get thermometers, Tylenol and juice. Dimitri had spiked a fever and now he could no longer have his flu shot. Later that day, we called to reschedule and the day before his next appointment he began to throw up. Again, the appointment needed to be cancelled and we had to reschedule one more time for good measure. Well, today was the day!

Our poor boy, as mothers you know how hard it is to see your baby in pain or struggle. The sadness, the helpless feeling and the guilt! What do mommies do to help in times of crisis. Think...think...think... Chuck E. Cheese to the RESCUE!

Dimitri takes a drive to blow off some steam!
Dimitri showing Matri how to drive.

Apparently, Matri did not catch on and needed hands on experience.

Yiayia gets in on the action.

Zachary and Mommy having fun!
Zachary loved the merry-go-round.

Look at that excitement.

Dimitri loves to bowl.

And look at that high score in skee ball.

In the end Zachary made a new friend. Both promised another play date in the near future.

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