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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's go see the penguins...

On Sunday, we took the boys to see the penguin exhibit at the aquarium.

Zachary meets friends wherever he goes.

The innocence and wonder of a child is amazing.

The jelly fish were a family favorite.

So innocent.

Love this picture!

Too bad the water was too deep that the boys could not touch the manta ray.

We got to pet several sea creatures but the star fish was Dimitri's favorite.

Row...row...row your boat.

Cicily's favorite exhibit.

Zachary was fascinated by the cockroaches.

"Fishy kiss." Zachary is giving the fish a kiss.

Zachary is ready to race.
Dimitri and Zachary take time to visit with a friend.
How do our "penguins" measure up?

The penguins were amazing to watch!
Another spectacular family fun day!

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