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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baseball season...

Dimitri started t-ball this afternoon.

Dimitri and Matri before the big game.

Mommy and Dimitri.

Dimitri's team lines up for practice.
Dimitri is practicing his ground game.

A huge swing.
Dimitri runs to first base.

SAFE at first.

Dimitri rounds the bases and is coming home.

Safe! Dimitri even has time to give Coach Childs a high five!

Dimitri was aggressive today, he did not want the ball to get passed him. As you can see he took one for the team.
Team cheer after the game.
Bella came to cheer Dimitri on.
Dimitri had a BIG cheer section at this game. Dimitri LOVES baseball and we look forward to an amazing season!

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