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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun...

After we received our gifts from the Easter Bunny we headed up to the Sharp's house.

The Sharp's gave the boys Toy Story buckets filled with treats.

Zachary adores Baby Bella.

Today Baby Bella was in a playful mood.

The Sharp Family.

Everyone is excited for the Easter Egg Hunt.
Papou Yanni, Uncle J.C., Dimitri and Zachary.
It's time to find the Easter eggs.
Go Zachary go!

Dimitri's on the run!

Dimitri's favorite color is green. You may be asking yourself the importance of this fact. Well... the younger kids got a head start in the Easter Egg hunt and with this head start Dimitri ran all over park ONLY picking up green eggs. Eventually Dimitri gave in and started collecting all the other colors.

Happy Easter 2010!

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